When a Porn Actress Worked for Cruz

Just last year, Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), from whose Twitter account someone recently liked a porn tweet, had another run-in with adult entertainment. I wrote about it for The Libertarian Republic.

In a Ted Cruz ad, Amy Lindsay says voters should look for “more than just a pretty face.” But the Cruz campaign isn’t using the ad: Ms. Lindsay turned out to have been in adult movies, so the campaign decided to drop her. But Ms. Lindsay is more than just a porn actress. And therein lies a lesson Mr. Cruz should be teaching, but one it turns out he needs to learn.

Who is Amy Lindsay, besides a porn actress? For one thing, she’s a good enough actress with her clothes on to have landed the role in Mr. Cruz’s commercial. She got it through an open-call audition. BuzzFeed doesn’t give details, but presumably that was a competitive process and she won: an achievement by standards the Cruz campaign itself or its contractors set. More