I am Alexander,
and I will …


I edited the bestselling Myths about Ayn Rand, and I’m working on launching a new magazine, Unlimited Roads. As a copy editor, I’ve worked on a projects in politics, law,  journalism, fantasy, and humor. I’ve applied both the Chicago Manual and the Associated Press Stylebook. I’m available to edit for you.


In my writing, I draw on my background in journalism, law and philosophy. Most of what I write is advocacy. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

I also write humorous and thought-provoking short news items for This Is True. Most of True‘s contents aren’t available unless you subscribe, but here’s one of my pieces: “A Different Kind of Corrections.”

And here’s one of the most heartfelt things I’ve ever written: “The Moral and Cultural Significance of ‘Genie, You’re Free.'”


I’ve taught courses in law and philosophy for the City University of New York. And during my years at The Atlas Society, I delivered talks, in person and online, on a variety of subjects, including antitrust law, patriotism, and the essential points of Objectivism.


From 2003 to 2011, I was a graduate student in philosophy: first at the City University of New York, where I earned a master’s degree, then at the University of Virginia. While I never completed a dissertation, I did develop an exceptional skill at critiquing arguments.


I designed the print and ebook editions of Myths about Ayn Rand and The Republican Party’s Civil War, both bestsellers. If you’ve got a manuscript, I can help turn it into a book.

If you need any of these skills, please email me at arc@arclights.net.

Video work

Most of the content I created for The Atlas Society was published as text, but I also gave some lectures and created some content specifically for Internet video.

Internet video

For the Business Rights Center at TAS, I interviewed Ladar Levison, who shut down his email business (which had been used by Edward Snowden) rather than give the federal government access to all his customer data. Based on that interview, I created video packages about Levison’s plans for email technology and how Atlas Shrugged influenced his decision to shrug — and then we released the interview in nearly its full length.

I also went to the hearing of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission where it passed a resolution banning Tesla stores. Here’s my commentary with video from the meeting.

When I left The Atlas Society, I was working on a version of Objectivism: A Rational Philosophy for the Hero in Your Soul in bite-size videos. Here’s a sample of that:


Objectivism: A Rational Philosophy for the Hero in Your Soul is my introductory course on Ayn Rand’s philosophical system. It’s five scripted lectures with slides, delivered at the 2014 Atlas Summit. It’s inspiring as well as informative, and it can stand on its own without advance reading (although it is probably best to read Atlas Shrugged first, if only to avoid spoilers).

At the 2012 and 2013 Summits, I lectured on legal issues: insider trading (2012) and antitrust (2013).

And at the 2014 Summit, I proposed a new Objectivist virtue in my lecture John Galt Earns His Freedom.

Note: In all of these videos, my words are my own. On some of them, I acted to a greater or lesser extent as producer and/or video editor. For example, the bite-size video above follows a script I wrote, but a colleague did the actual editing according to the instructions in my script.