Do you remember Crystal Magnum? By name you probably do not: Throughout her infamous crime, the media protected her identity while making her victims infamous. Crystal Magnum is the stripper who falsely accused several Duke University lacrosse players of raping her.

Now, Crystal Magnum is charged with murdering her boyfriend. (The Daily)

I don’t want to detract from a murderer’s responsibility for her (or his) crime, but if Crystal Magnum is guilty of murdering her boyfriend, her boyfriend walked into it — not by however he treated her, but by voluntarily having her in his life. If a woman is willing to try to destroy men’s lives for no good reason, men should stay away from her, just as women should stay clear of men who treat women with similarly dangerous contempt.

Cathy Young takes the opportunity to point out one of the lessons of the Duke rape-lie case — that male students accused of sexual misconduct need and deserve due process — and that the Obama Administration, which apparently did not learn this lesson, is attacking the rights of the accused in such cases.

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